HSH Feeding Program

This is a program that gives infants an opportunity to stay concentrated in class without hunger. This is achieved through feeding the kindergarten school going children with nutritious porridge every morning-break at school. As a pilot project, it was started at Makongeni since February 2016 and is now on going. The project is hailed to be successful by the parents and teachers of Makongeni nursery. Majority of the children in this region go to school without breakfast because of poor conditions at due low standards of living at home. According to the feedback given, the project has reduced cases of pupil absenteeism and lack of concentration in class which is mainly attributed to hunger and poverty in general. As a result this project has contributed to improved concentration and activeness of the pupils during class time, and in turn better academic performance in the long-term.

Therefore the feeding program has proved to be viable in schools and calls for need to replicate the idea to other nearby schools in the region.