HSH Girl’s Class

This girl can is a program aiming at teaching girls in schools the important of monitoring their menstruation periods, teach them the importance of maintaining hygiene and awareness on human development and body changes as a factor hindering their social wellbeing, this is because most of families don’t share this information because some think that menstruation is indeed a taboo, But not so much in that no one talks about it, but more that women are ridiculed and discriminated against while on their period. As a result of this, and the fact that many cannot afford to throw away sanitary pads, they stay home from school or work.

On our first attempt in girls class program we shared around 80 pieces of sanitary towels with the girls in Mwamivi one of the public school in Kwale County that according to the head teacher the school had never produced a girl to high school for more than ten years. The pads we shared were donated by Vuokoset a company in Finland that manufacture biodegradable pads, after this attempt in this program we learned and though that one of the sustainable ways of running this program is to make reusable sanitary towels.