HSH Haki kit

This program provides support with funds for P3 form fees for girls who are victims of violence such rape and physical assault. After interviews with Msambweni children officer, head teachers and community members it was realized that majority of victims of such violence are unable to get justice due to high cost of the process involved. Due to poverty the victims and their guardians are unable to raise money for movement to aces services and information on the best interest of helping the child (costs 1000 Kenyan shillings) which is the first and most important step to access justice for these cases as stipulated by the Kenya government.

Therefore HSH committed to cater for the cost of the movements which the victims can get a checkup at a doctor and after can record a statement of their case at the police. Currently HSH shall set aside a monthly budget of 5,000 Kenyan shillings which is equivalent to five (5) cases every month.