HSH Sanitation

Makongeni is in a remote region of Kwale County that has been largely forgotten in terms of development. Currently we have started working closely with the local Administration to fulfill basic sanitation requirements in the community. These include flushing toilets, sinks and shower facilities with associated water storage and plumbing.


Sanitation is a program of improving hygiene and sanitation within the communities we are working along, traditionally majority of the community homestead do not have toilet therefore forcing the inhabitants to opt for the bush. Due to an increase in the number of inhabitants in the villages the demand for wood for construction and land for settlements rises, creating a decline in available bushes. As a result people increasingly use the mangrove forest, river banks and other water source areas as public restroom. This then leads to outbreaks of dangerous water borne diseases such as cholera and typhoid. In our program we are targeting to dig and construct community toilets within the public lands where locale people can use. In this program we are also targeting to create employment opportunities for youths among the community through providing jobs for at least one person whom will be employed by the community in taking care and making sure the toilet stays clean a program that the locale people are willing to contribute on using the toilet for their services in ensuring the project becomes sustainable to the future.