HSH Trust

Due to the high level of poverty among people most families work to obtain daily meals as one of the basic need and many children miss one or two other important basic needs for instance due to high cost of attending school which prevent many indigenous students to receive education.

We believe that a good education is the key to breaking the cycle of poverty and can create a better future for children and their families. This is why we promote education in the community that we are working on by facilitating sponsorship to many poor and vulnerable students who otherwise would not have a chance to attend.

When we invite people to sponsor a child, we are inviting you to invest in the future of our communities. For each student in the program we provide:

· Cost of enrollment fees, requisite school materials, supplies and uniform

· Regular monitoring of school work and progress

· General education support as needed.

One of most rewarding aspects of sponsoring a student is getting to know student personally, and see firsthand how your generosity can positively affect the student and their family lives. We do

· Give the students the options to write letters direct to the sponsors

· Let sponsors know students current family living situation on regular basis