On the way to Makongeni

Mika travelled for volunteering to Kenya in January 2017. The Makongeni village, people there and their stories touched and affected him strongly.


14.1.2017 Africa, airplain between Nairobi and Dar Es Salam.

A man, a window, a view and the memories. Kenya looks so beautiful, peaceful and the best place on the earth. So it feels like. I experienced there lot’s of joy, laughter, sincerity and caring. I also got a meaning for the word communality.

When the plain reaches higher and higher I’m searching for details from the ground: a house, a road, an elephant… if I could see even one familiar place. The more higher we go the harder it is to see any details. When we get above the clouds, when the ground starts to disappear only one thing was on my mind. It was something that has never been said to me before. ”Next time when you come back, you are not coming alone. Rafiki.”

That phrase I won’t forget. Certainly, next time I’m going back I wouldn’t be alone. There would be my friends. There would be my second home that I want to help. The memories from the past two weeks are taking me back to the Makongeni village, in the Kwale county. The place where from including all the good memories I could also see a lot of injustice, fear and need of help. Children’s eyes that once were full of joy won’t shine the same after few years. Smiles of the young women will become only a shade of what them used to be.

Next time when I’m heading back. Next time… would there be something what I could do so that the children and the youngsters in that place could have a future? A reason to smile, a reason to look the world with glittering and happy eyes, could I do something? This is what I kept up thinking about. There is plenty of time, and who knows when I’m going back, maybe never.

Today 4.6.2017 when I’m writing this text I know what to do and I know what I can do to help. I’m going on a trip which I don’t know anything about. But I know that this trip has to be done. On the way to Makongeni, at least not alone and definitely not by an airplane…


HSH’s On the way to Makongeni -project’s purpose is to take a minibus, or in an kenyan way ”matatu”, mainly by driving it from Finland to Kenya, to Makongeni village. The goal is to get attention and at the same time improve the knowledge of areas children’s living conditions and the need of help, also the injustice that affects the girls and the ways that we can work for make them better.

The car will be left in Makongeni for the use of Home Street Home.

The departure date is 10.6.2018, exactly 365 days after releasing the project




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