HSH Rescue Center

The main objective for Home Street Home is the foundation of a Rescue Center and orphanage in Kwale county. This combined facility will provide a permanent home for 50 children as well as cater to rescue work, allowing us to provide aid and support to hundreds of children in need of temporary housing.

A Rescue office was opened in Ukunda in April 2016, thus enabling us to begin rescue operations before the opening of the actual facility. Several girls in need of help after suffering rape, abuse or other difficult situations have already been taken in by HSH. Some of these girls continue to receive support and check-ups through our Home Base Care program.

Our goal is to finish the Rescue Center in 2017.

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HSH Feeding Program

With the help of the HSH Feeding Program, over 200 children between the ages of 3 and 6 are eating a breakfast of porridge at Makogen elementary school. As a result, the children’s ability to concentrate during lessons has improved dramatically, and the long commutes to school have become less taxing.


HSH Fresh Water Project

Makogen elementary school used to have only a saline water well, from which the children were forced to drink. By the use of a method which draws water through pipes from the nearest fresh water well, the HSH Fresh Water Project has given 700 pupils access to clean drinking water. We are planning to implement the same system in nearby villages in the future.


HSH Home Base Care

Not all of the children in our programs require life altering changes or being taken into custody – a little help at home is sometimes enough. HSH Home Base Care is focused on supporting girls who need a bit of help with everyday essentials. The help we provide – sometimes one-time fixes, sometimes reoccurring aid – is varies with each case and depends on the difficulties faced by each individual girl.


HSH Haki Kit

The Haki Kit is a program which supports girls in rape and abuse cases, providing among other things obligatory P3 tests for victims filing police reports. The program is run in cooperation with the local police and the Department of Child Services.