The HSH Office

The official HSH Rescue office is located in Ukunda, in Kwale county Kenya.

The office was opened for business in April 2016, with the main objective of supporting and rescuing children living in difficult conditions. It is also where we take care of the practical aspects of other HSH projects, including the purchase of breakfast necessities for the Feeding program.


Our office works in cooperation with the local police and the Department of Child Services. All children and all cases we take on come via these two departments, which makes our work much easier.

The Haki Kit program, which seeks to fight for girls’ rights while also supplying mandatory P3 tests to rape and abuse victims filing police reports, is also run from our offices. Girls requiring recurring support will be enrolled to our HSH Home Base Care program. All cases are monitored long after the initial issue has been resolved.


We welcome visitors to the office with open arms.

You can find us next to the main road Kona ya chief in Ukunda.

If you are planning a trip to Kenya and would like to visit our office or the Feeding Program, please do not hesitate to contact us! We are happy to give you a tour. Email:


Calling from Finland: +358 400 857305

Calling from Kenya: +254 719 7070 84


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