Salim Mwarima

I am one of the founders, HSH Board member and acting project manager, I have a long-term experience in volunteering with local projects and working with community-based development projects around the area. I believe in humanity and equality to everyone, most importantly being driven by passion with the work that we are doing. 

 As a board member, I bring in strong experience in community projects and working with people. I help in daily planning of the project activities and executing them. I love to see our work taking shape and become opportunities that help people around us. 

Salim Edward 

I’m one of the HSH founders. I’m a social entrepreneur with a strong passion in doing voluntary work that creates positive impact for communities. I love trekking, running, swimming and enjoy meeting new people.  

At HSH, I help with general management and in doing accounting work for the organisation in Kenya. Being part of the board, I take a lot of pleasure in trying to solve critical problems faced on daily basis and contributing ideas to steering forward the goals of the organisation. To me HSH is like our baby, and now she’s at the stage of learning how to walk. 

Viola Wallenius 

I am one of the founding members of Home Street Home and have been involved in the organisation’s journey from the beginning. My educational background includes photography, nursing and most recently a Master’s of global change and community development in English. I have a huge interest in community development.  

My strengths are definitely in project management, from planning, through implementation, to evaluation and development work. I contribute both to the HSH board, and to the organisation of the Kenyan side of things from my base in Makongeni. My responsibilities include managing the organisation’s international relations, planning, marketing and solving day-to-day project challenges. 

Yahya Makoha 

I am graduate in Commerce, with sales and marketing specialization. As a Board Member for HSH I normally bring ideas and suggestions to the group whenever necessary. I grew up in Makongeni village, so I have deep understanding of the challenges that children and families are facing. In addition, I like to volunteer with the field team in the HSH Center whenever I have time.  

Janica Virkkunen 

I originally ended up at HSH to do an internship in the field of security. The work of the local team in Kenya immediately made a big impression and I returned to Makongeni over and over again. 

I support the team in various investigations and administrative tasks. I communicate with the organisation’s stakeholders and also I do, for example, safety and security consulting. 

Sandro Specker 

As a trained plumber, I love to be hands-on, not only in my job but also in the HSH projects in Kenya.  

I like to create a good atmosphere in the team, because satisfaction and motivation are the basis for our successful project work. 

As the founder of HomeStreetHome – Switzerland, I am responsible for fundraising activities and the placement of volunteers from Switzerland. 

Sarah Specker 

I use my passion for organisation not only in my job as management assistant, but also in the HSH projects. I also support the team with my office and accounting skills. 

for HomeStreetHome – Switzerland I am responsible for marketing, social media and accounting. 


Hamisi Mwarandani 

Makongeni village Chairman 

HSH Committee member 

Sudi Bakari 

HSH Committee member 

Hassan Malachu 

HSH Committee member 

Umi Hamza 

HSH Committee member 

Mwanalima Mwakapero 


HSH Committee 

Peter Oyaya 


HSH Committee 


Omar Mwarandani 

Main teacher, computer packages 

Kalevala Training Center 

Edna Patrick 

Assistant teacher, computer packages 

Kalevala Training Center 

Everline Agola  

Main teacher, salon & hairdressing 

Kalevala Training Center 

Clare Nassaba 

Assistant teacher, salon & hairdressing 

Kalevala Training Center 

Mwanatumu Nyere 

Main teacher, tailoring & dressmaking 

Kalevala Training Center 

Mwanasiti Salim 

Assistant teacher, tailoring & dressmaking 

Kalevala Training Center 

Mwanasha Ali 

Office assistant, KTC alumnae leader 

HSH Center 

Mtwii Jefa 

Security guard 

HSH Center 

Mwanaisha Mwinyi 


HSH Center 

Shaban Juma 


HSH Center 

Mauwa Sudi 

Kitchen helper 

HSH Center 

Sumaiya Ramadani 

Early Childhood Education Teacher 

HSH Children’s Playgroup 

Mariam Salim 

Assistant teacher 

HSH Children’s Playgroup 

Cecilia Charo 

Clinical officer 

HSH Health Clinic 

Caroline Mutheu 

Occupational therapist 

HSH Day Care Center 

Priscilla Mwongeli 

Early childhood education teacher, daycare assistant 

HSH Day Care Center 

Cecilia Corona 

Daycare assistant 

HSH Day Care Center 

Mauwa Abdalla 

Porridge cook 

HSH Feeding Program 



HSH Center 

Mohammed Ali 

Team Leader 

HSH Center 

Hassan Salim 

Team Leader 

HSH Center 

Matano Juma 

Team Leader 

HSH Center 

Lucy Atieno 

Caregiver, tailoring assistant 

HSH Center 


Bakari Mwarima 


Ramadhan Salim 


Amina Mkala 


Ali Mwarizo  


Semeni Mwaganymbani 


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