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“It requires nerves and tears of happiness to succeed. And most of all, it takes passion to transcend itself. ”
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Viola – The heart of the union

Home Street Home is a non-profit organization established and registered in October 2014. We work for the well-being and rights of children in Kenya. Our main goal is to establish our own Rescue Center and orphanage in Kwale municipality.

At the back of it all is Viola’s 19-year-old volunteer trip to Kenya. During her volunteer trip, Viola worked in a slum orphanage and a physically disabled orphanage, as well as in a work camp where a group of volunteers planted over 900 trees in a small village. He was so strongly influenced by the trip that, despite his young age, he decided to do something unexpected and founded the Home Street Home Association. The only idea in the founding phase was to build a new orphanage. Later, HSH adapted and grew into other projects, but the main idea is still the same.

“No project is completed by itself. No children’s home can reach Africa by tapping your fingers. It requires work, organization, time and more work. It requires paper storms and sleepless nights as you ponder the next step. It requires nerves and tears of happiness to succeed. And most of all, it takes a passion to transcend themselves with a stomach ache, knowing how many times.

But wouldn’t it be so exciting, exciting and stunning if it didn’t require all this? “

– Viola Wallenius (2015)

In 2015, Home Street Home was also registered as an official organization in Kenya, after which it began operations there. At the end of Kenya, HSH has three (3) spiritual local governments. We make all decisions together and in a way that fits everyone’s minds.

HSH Office

The Official Rescue Office of Home Street Home is located in Ukunda, Kwale, Kenya.

We opened the office in April 2016. The primary mission of our office is to rescue and support children in a difficult life. The office is also responsible for all practical tasks for other projects (eg supplying the Feeding Program with drilling needs).

The Office works closely with the Police and Ministry’s Children’s Services Office. All the children and cases we deal with come through them, which greatly simplifies our task.

The firm also runs the HSH Haki Kit, which works for girls’ rights and provides the rape / violence victim with the P3 test required when reporting a crime. If necessary, the child can then be transferred to our HSH Home Base Care program if the child needs continued support. All cases will continue to be tracked long after the problem is resolved.

We are more than happy to come and visit our office on site. The office is located in Ukunda, along the main road in Kona ya chief.

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