HSH Fresh Water

This is another pilot project conducted at Makongeni School in March 2016.

Over 80% of disease in developing countries is related to poor drinking water or lack of sanitation. The aim of our water projects is to provide as many children as possible with clean drinking water. The project is complete and provides drinking water to over 250 children going to the school.

Makongeni is a small coastal village surrounded by Indian Ocean on one side and Mangroves of Gazi bay on the other. Due to the effect of the Ocean the water is mainly salty and not suitable for drinking purposes. The entire community depends on one well which supplies fresh drinkable water. Some villagers are forced to walk about 10km from their homes to reach the well. The school is located in the center of the village and a few kilometers from the well. For the school going children, they were forced to stay in school all day without drinking water or use salty water from the hand pump available at the school. In realization to this problem HSH piped tapped water into the school quenching the thirst of the students. The idea of this project is also to replicate it targeting the schools with the same problem within the surroundings.