In Makongeni, most people live below the poverty line, so for under a dollar a day. Due to poverty, the level of education is also very low. Many families can barely pay the school fees, but that alone does not enable the education of the child. Without books or materials, it is extremely difficult for the child to succeed in school.

In Makongeni primary there is approximately one schoolbook for every 5 to 8 students. This means that most children do not have the opportunity to revise at home or do homework. Home Street Home established a library and study room to Makongeni village. The idea is to offer all children the possibility to use schoolbooks and materials outside teaching hours. In addition, the study room has a light, so also the children, who do not have electricity in their homes, can study even during the dark hours.

The study room includes revision books for all classes and plenty of materials such as pens, geometry sets, crayons and notebooks. We also hold revision classes for eight graders.

The study room also has novels, non-fiction books and biographies for all types of readers. The library is open for everyone from the village.