We work in cooperation with Kwale county office of child affairs. One of our cooperative projects is HSH Base Care.

The office of child affairs receives hundreds of reports concerning child abuse and neglect each year within the Kwale county. In addition, there are plenty of cases regarding child marriage, teenage pregnancy and school dropouts.

The aim of HSH Base Care is to support these extreme cases.

We support the child with their personal needs. Sometimes the work needs to be started by finding a home or foster family for the child, sometimes it is possible to support the case directly at their homes.

Depending on the situation, our support includes a monthly support package, which includes basic equipment, food, clothes and hygiene equipment. It also includes basic healthcare, educational support, and a support for the child depending on the situation. The aid may include one or several of these listed above.

The aim of the project is not only to support the children in their current life situation, but also empower and encourage them towards a bright future.