During the spring and summer of 2020, with the funding of Kalevala Koru, we have built and established a training center for girls and young women. With the Kalevala Training Center, we can train vulnerable girls and young women. The center offers three different courses: Computer packages, Salon & Hairdressing and Tailoring & Dressmaking. The courses are aimed at uneducated girls aged 16-25. For girls who have had to drop out of primary school because of poverty, early pregnancy, or other crises, or for girls who have never been able to start school. Through the education, we can offer better future for these girls and their children.

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All courses are organized to be part of Kenya’s official education program. Consequently, girls receive an official certificate for their proficiency. During the pilot year, our goal is to train 95 young people into the profession by end of March 2021. In the future, the goal is to educate 190 girls each year.

The center is part of the HSH Rescue Center and will later also support the operation of the rescue center. The opening ceremony of the training center was held on 25th August 2020, after which the first groups began their studies. The progress of the project and the courses can be followed through Home Street Home’s channels and Kalevala Koru’s Instagram as well as Facebook

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