The main project of Home Street Home is to establish a rescue center to Kwale County. Home Street Home ry bought a plot in Makongeni village in December 2017. The construction of the rescue center was started with volunteers in January 2018. The construction work is still ongoing.

The rescue center will gather together many services and skills.

A refuge for teen moms, who are victims of abuse
HSH Rescue Center will be a refuge for girls, who are victims of abuse, forced marriage and violence. The center will work in continuous readiness, so that it will be able to take in a mother or child within 24 hours.

A safe place for those escaping female genital mutilation
The center will offer a safe haven for girls, who decide to leave their home village due to female genital mutilation. The doors of our center are always open.

Special aid for children with cerebral palsy or other physical disabilities
We have cooperated with a local cp-clinic. Through cooperation we have seen how poor the quality of local specialists is. There are next to no services in speech, occupational or physical therapy, and those which we have found are poor in quality.

Our aim is to provide the skills of Finnish specialists and quality services also to Kenyan children.

Knowledge for mothers and expecting mothers
We have worked in many projects with expecting and new mothers. Through this we have also closely followed local healthcare during pregnancy.

Our aim is to build a wing to the center that provides quality services for both expecting and new mothers. We are also aiming to provide special services for low-income mothers and their newborns.

Skills for the youth and community
In addition to serving those in need, the rescue center will also serve the youth and other inhabitants of the area through workshops and courses. We will offer courses in skills such as computer informatics, sewing as well as creative subjects.